About the FG NFT ( Collection 1 ) 

Frenchie Gang is Collective of world Class French Bulldog breeders, with over 10 years in the industry. The gang started in 2018 Making merch for Dog shows, it was such a hit that we decide to launch the apparel side of the business and the rest was history,

This is the first collection of its kind. This first collection will feature 10 hand drawn studs each carrying unique DNA. The DNA will be a vital part in the future. 

NFT holders will gain exclusive access to puppies from litters before available to public, First dibs on new studs before they are open to public, and exclusive merch  


 Phase 1 


This First collection of studs will grant you access to the Frenchie Gang Metaverse. Holders will be white listed and receive a puppy. Members will be dropped an exclusive password protected site were they can choose avavilbe puppies, you are welcome to holder until you find the puppy you like, as we will constantly upload new pups.


Gang that holds for over 6 months gains a mystery box of exclusive merch only holders have access too, Trust this will include letterman jackets hats and pet merch.


Holders will be granted a stud credit after holding for a year. This will be to any of our studs and we will also send a password protect link of all the dogs avaiible and up and coming. Not only will being holder give you a credit it will also grant you access to the newest studs before they are arable to the general public, This grants you first breeding rights. 



The Future of Dog Breed in the Metaverse

 This is only the first step, we will be dropping a collection of Female dogs in the future and will grant access for holders to breed and receive NFT Liters, We pl. to grow this community in the meta verse and build FG dog park. There is a lot more to come so for more information please join our discord/